Saturday, 23 September 2017


Hi everyone!

So this is the second part to my back to uni essentials, and this time I will be focusing on room decor! I LOVE decorating my room and I could spend hours trying to make my room feel more homely and warm. I love to put up photos, hang up fairy lights and add in some ethnic elements to my room.

So here I have a few bits and pieces I bought to make my room more presentable and decorative! For me, having a neat and decorative room really shapes my work ethic.

One thing I love to hang up in my room is a vintage style world map, sometimes when I'm doing work (well procrastinating) I just like to stare at the map and think of all the places I REALLY want to go to! It can be quite a distraction, but I just love it! I put up some fairy lights around it and hung up some photos. I stuck to the travel theme to match the world map. 

map PAPERCHASE / photo prints CHEERZ / lights PRIMARK

I usually stick to my photography pictures for my big photo prints, but sometimes it's nice to have a few pictures of you and your family/friends. So I put up a few photo booth style prints with people I love. 

prints CHEERZ

I really like this copper wire letter, it adds a nice element to my room - something more personalised. 


This wall was really blank and empty and it felt wrong to not put up a friends poster! I'm probably one of the hugest Friends fan and I LOVE this poster!! I sometimes just read over these quotes (procrastination...again)

This is a cute jewellery stand I got to hang up my minimal necklaces and earrings. I personally don't own a lot of jewellery, so this was perfect to just organise the few I have in a decorative way! 

jewellery stand TIGER

Here I've added some decorative lights around my mirror! I really love these fairy lights because of the ethnic feel it has to it.

Lastly, I bought this fake plant that I feel is an essential. As much as I prefer real plants, it can get hard to maintain the plant when uni gets too much, so fake plants are the safer option 😂

plant and vase IKEA

Hope you liked this post, and I will be back very soon with a new one!!

Till next time,

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Hi everyone!
I have quite a fun blogpost this time, at least for me! This post is split into two, only because one would be way too long.

I wanted to share a few stationary essentials & room decor pieces that I got for my uni room!

If you know me, I love to decorate my room. I will spend hours and hours on my room in order to make it look like how I want! In fact, that's exactly what I spent yesterday doing. I've finally moved into my uni room - all ready for second year!

Buying fun and unique stationary is so important for me. It shapes my work ethic (weirdly enough) and can motivate me to do more work! I avoid plain and boring stationary pieces. So here are a few affordable and unique pieces!

So the first thing I have here are a few A6 notebooks! I feel like A6 books are SO handy during lectures because they're the perfect size to keep in your bag. Also, some lecture halls may not have much of a desk space! These ones have some super cute patterns which makes studying just a little bit more enjoyable?? I'm all for buying cute stationary pieces, rather than plain boring ones.

note books are from kikki.K 

These are my go-to notebooks for lectures!! They're honestly best - the paper quality is great and they have a lot of pages! These notebooks can be bought separately or in a bulk of 5 - I LOVE these notebooks so I bought two packs of these notebooks, which will easily last me through the year!

notebooks - MUJI

Here's a fun post it note that I got, and I can't wait to use it! Is it weird how much stationary excites me? Hope I'm not the only one... Anyways. I'm always ripping pieces of paper out of my notebook to make a to do list - officially addicted to making to do lists. So I thought these post its would be very handy to make quite to do lists on my desk! And lets not forget to tick the box!

post-its from OHH DEER

This is probably one of the most useful things I will be needing this year - an in depth to do list jotter! You can add more lists and notes to your errands, which I think is extremely helpful!

jotter from kikki.K

This next piece is a daily journal, which is very useful! I love this one in particular because there are no dates written on the pages, meaning that it's not important to write something everyday! Whenever I feel like I have a very important and busy week ahead of me, I can clear and organise my thoughts in this journal!


Here are some fineliner pens that will be very useful for note making and annotations! It's funny because I'm not usually a fan of fineliners or thin pens, however these ones are SO good! Very smooth and easy to write with.

pens from kikki.K

I hope you liked this post! I will post the second part of this blogpost up very soon! If you're into room decor, stay tuned!

Till next time,

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Hi everyone!

Today is another review post of some lovely prints I got again from Cheerz. This time I chose to get the photobooth style strips, which are great for personal photos! If you aren't a fan of having big prints of you and your friends/family on the wall, then these strips are perfect!

They're very high quality prints and they're very easy to customise! With option to customise the background, text as well as photo filters, I was able to make these strips more personal and different to my other prints. I added a black and white filter on my photos to keep a consistent colour scheme! 

You get 5 strips in total, and you can create a theme for each strip! I chose to separate my photos into friends, family, uni & holiday! 

The whole process was so simple and quick. One of my favourite features on the website is that you can connect your Instagram account and import your photos from there! I don't always have these photos saved on my laptop, so this is such a useful tool! 

Once again, their delivery was extremely quick and efficient - I received it in less than a week! 

You can customise and buy your prints from!

Also don't forget to check out their other fun products -  albumsmagnetsboxeswall decorcalendars and gifts

You can also use their easy to use app that can be installed through the App Store and Google Play.

Now to the fun part - here's a discount code!

Use the code E48U3C to get 10% off when you spend a minimum of £20!

Till next time,

Saturday, 2 September 2017


Hellooo all!

It's been a while since my last fashion post, and to be completely honest...I just got a bit lazy. But I finally felt like making another fashion post, so here I have my first AW fashion post.

Todays post is all about some staple pieces that would be handy in the early autumn weather. Transitioning from warm weather to a slightly cooler weather can get a bit confusing in terms of fashion (at least for me!). You don't really want to wear the same summer clothes, but it's not THAT cold to start wearing thick jumpers and coats.

Since term time is approaching and we're all getting ready to go back to school/uni, I thought I'd make a post showing some staple pieces that would be useful during autumn.

Now lets be real...once uni starts we begin to forget about all those fashionable and trendy outfits that we rocked during the summer. We tend to go for the easy and simple outfits that you can throw on for lectures or for a day out.  So here are some outfits that I put together that I can see myself wearing more in the coming month, and also that anyone can wear!

For this outfit I chose to wear a thin jersey/knit (something in between) top. I love this top because it's a mustard colour, which I LOOVE (especially during autumn!). Also, I'm personally someone who doesn't like to wear sleeveless tops, so the length of the sleeves on this top is PERFECT. I don't have to bother keeping a jacket or anything on all the time! I wore some classic mom jeans, which I think is a staple piece!! I know they can be worn all year round, but a good pair of mom jeans during the autumn can keep you warm from the cooler breeze! They're effortless and can be matched with pretty much anything, so if you haven't yet, consider buying some good mom jeans!



Here I've paired a navy knit top with the same mom jeans. It's time to bring out those full sleeves and keep warm from the cool breeze. If you're from London, you'd know the transition from summer to autumn isn't slow! So protect yourself from the cold with a knitted top. It's not too cold to wear your thick jumpers, any thin knitted jumper/top will do! To layer it up, I wore my navy harrington jacket. The checkered print really helps to bring in some colour to the outfit! Red seems to be a major trend, so the harrington is perfect to keep the outfit lively!



The next outfit is something that can be worn casually as well as for an occasion that you have to dress up more! Here I've kept it slightly casual, however I would totally wear this out to an event by just adding some accessories, and different shoes obviously. The trousers are SO versatile, and that's why it's a staple piece. The burnt orange colour is my favourite, and that's why it's so great for autumn! Totally goes with the colour scheme we associate autumn with! Striped trousers are also so in trend, that you don't even have to worry about looking unfashionable at uni! They're so comfy and can be worn anywhere!


Here I've worn an oversized cropped sweatshirt. I'm all for bat-winged sleeves - they personally really suit my body type. I love anything oversized! This sweatshirt is not very thick, still on the thinner side which is perfect for early autumn days! It's comfy and easy to style! Definitely a staple piece for autumn - get yourself a few oversized (or fitted) sweatshirts that can be easily matched with jeans! A very quick outfit to throw on before early morning lectures (ugh). This sweatshirt is a rusty brown colour - again very autumnal! 


This is a slightly more going out kind of outfit, where you still want to be comfy and casual, but with a hint of 'going out'. Here I've paired an ethnic style chiffon top, tucked into some mom jeans (so versatile!). I topped it off with a long khaki duster jacket - keeping a bit of the breeze away. It's not extremely cold during autumn, so a thin jacket like this is perfect - can be worn during the day and night!


I thought I'd step away from the mom jeans (although it was very hard to) and wore some high waisted skinny jeans! I paired them with this balloon sleeved jumper...which I am LOVING and can't wait to wear more! The jumper is again on the thinner side, but still warm enough! Some skinny jeans are a staple item during uni as well as during the colder days! You want something to keep you warm, so it's time to sway away from the ripped jeans! 


I really hope you liked this post! I want my posts to be relatable and something everyone (at least most of you) can wear! As much as I love wearing very fashionable and trendy outfits, I feel like it's not something everyone would relate to! I read many blogs where people showcase all kinds of funky outfits that would probably only suit their body type and it's not relatable at all! I know it's personal style, but I find very little fashion blogs that I can take inspiration from! - rant over.

Anyways, I hope you liked the post & I'll be back with a photography post very soon!!

Thursday, 24 August 2017


Welcome back to a new blogpost!

I was kindly sent over 20 prints of my favourite photos by Cheerz, so I thought I'd write a quick review! I also have a discount code that I'll mention at the end.

Lets start with the process of ordering. It was very simple and quick. You can go on their official website - - and choose the type of print you want. They have your standard photo size, as well as small square prints or polaroid style prints! After choosing your style, you can connect to your Facebook, Instagram, iPhone Cheerz app or to your Google Drive in order to import the photos from there. This was much easier than me saving photos individually and uploading them onto the website as I don't keep many of my Instagram photos saved on my laptop! So I connected my Instagram account and transferred the photo to the website! I picked out 20 photos - I decided to use my travel photography, just so I can look at them on a cloudy day in London.

After choosing your photos, you get an overview of all the selected pictures and you can edit them individually if there's something you would like to change! After that, a quick and easy checkout process.

I received the photos in less than a week, and I was very impressed by how efficient their delivery was.

Now, onto the actual photos. The quality of the prints is amazing! They're high quality, and you can choose between glossy or matte prints! I chose the matte prints to see whether the quality would still be as good as the glossy ones (that I usually opt for) and it did not disappoint! I've had print issues before where the photos had been stretched out too much or looked too pixelated - so thank you Cheerz for such great quality prints!

Here are some photos I printed out!

Cheerz offer many more services that photo prints! They provide photo albums, magnets, boxes, wall decor, calendars and gifts! When you checkout, there are also add on options such as buying fairy lights to hang up with your photos! Something I will definitely buy next time! You can also use their easy to use app that can be installed through the App Store and Google Play.

So here are some discount codes that you can use on your very first Cheerz purchase:

With the code NM7DFC you can get 10% your purchase (minimum spend £20)

With the code SHWSHA you can get £4 of your first purchase (minimum spend £8)

Hope you like these photography posts!
Till next time,

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Hi everyone!

So today is a different kind of blogpost. I wanted to focus on some certain topics and my photography so I decided to collab with another blogger, Krupa. I met her a few days ago and can I just say how LOVELY and beautiful she is. Her personality shines and she is just amazing. She runs a blog called Bindipendent Woman, all about her life experiences and her life as a south asian girl. As a south asian girl, I love that she's supporting our community. So here's a little post that she's written for my blog & some photos I took of her!


Krupa Patel is the face behind Bindipendent woman and here is what she says about it; 

Okay so, Bindipendent Woman is my babes of a platform because it's the only thing that I can really say is my safe space at the moment. It's where I can convey my experiences and see my thoughts develop before me. 

So it all begun when I started seeing things about the Black Community and seeing the empowerment it birthed in them from learning about their history- allowing them to learn from it so that it wasn't something that could be used against them. I instantly felt jealous/envious of the fact that I've never felt that way and have never heard of anyone talking about an experience that I can relate to at first-hand. It gave me that much more inclination to make a platform to fill that gap. 

I am the first generation British Indian- my family originate from the state of Gujarat, migrated to Uganda for 25 years before they made their homes in London 30 years ago. All this history plus an identity crisis made Bindipendent Woman come to be! 

I believe that it's so important to do two things; understanding your history and being self aware. Something that I want to do with my blog is become vulnerable in my posts as I believe there is something so warm and welcoming about relating to something that isn't quite "common" to come by- to not feel alienated in our experiences thinking that no one else goes through it because you hardly hear anyone speaking about it. 

So, come and have a look at my blog posts and tell me what you all think! 

Until next time! Stay awake, stay alert, stay Bindipendent! 

Krupa x 

INSTAGRAM: @bindipendentwoman


Hope you liked this post & photos!

See you next week!

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