Monday, 8 May 2017

A Spontaneous Photoshoot

Hello all,
I have a photography post today, and it was about time I posted the photoshoot I did on my best friend, Betty. Expect to see quite a few photoshoots of her on my blog and Instagram, because she is seriously a great model.
Anyways, we went to Somerset House a few weeks ago to visit the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition, and I was stunned by the work that was shown. There are so many extremely talented and amazing photographers out there, and they are truly a great inspiration for me. The time and effort that goes into their work just shocks me, and I hope to be nearly as great as them one day.
After wandering around the exhibition, as well the Saatchi Gallery, I wanted to do a small photoshoot. Does this happen to anyone else? I have this sudden urge to do a photoshoot there and then.

So here are a few photos:

Hope you liked the photos & thanks for reading!
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