Sunday, 17 September 2017


Hi everyone!
I have quite a fun blogpost this time, at least for me! This post is split into two, only because one would be way too long.

I wanted to share a few stationary essentials & room decor pieces that I got for my uni room!

If you know me, I love to decorate my room. I will spend hours and hours on my room in order to make it look like how I want! In fact, that's exactly what I spent yesterday doing. I've finally moved into my uni room - all ready for second year!

Buying fun and unique stationary is so important for me. It shapes my work ethic (weirdly enough) and can motivate me to do more work! I avoid plain and boring stationary pieces. So here are a few affordable and unique pieces!

So the first thing I have here are a few A6 notebooks! I feel like A6 books are SO handy during lectures because they're the perfect size to keep in your bag. Also, some lecture halls may not have much of a desk space! These ones have some super cute patterns which makes studying just a little bit more enjoyable?? I'm all for buying cute stationary pieces, rather than plain boring ones.

note books are from kikki.K 

These are my go-to notebooks for lectures!! They're honestly best - the paper quality is great and they have a lot of pages! These notebooks can be bought separately or in a bulk of 5 - I LOVE these notebooks so I bought two packs of these notebooks, which will easily last me through the year!

notebooks - MUJI

Here's a fun post it note that I got, and I can't wait to use it! Is it weird how much stationary excites me? Hope I'm not the only one... Anyways. I'm always ripping pieces of paper out of my notebook to make a to do list - officially addicted to making to do lists. So I thought these post its would be very handy to make quite to do lists on my desk! And lets not forget to tick the box!

post-its from OHH DEER

This is probably one of the most useful things I will be needing this year - an in depth to do list jotter! You can add more lists and notes to your errands, which I think is extremely helpful!

jotter from kikki.K

This next piece is a daily journal, which is very useful! I love this one in particular because there are no dates written on the pages, meaning that it's not important to write something everyday! Whenever I feel like I have a very important and busy week ahead of me, I can clear and organise my thoughts in this journal!


Here are some fineliner pens that will be very useful for note making and annotations! It's funny because I'm not usually a fan of fineliners or thin pens, however these ones are SO good! Very smooth and easy to write with.

pens from kikki.K

I hope you liked this post! I will post the second part of this blogpost up very soon! If you're into room decor, stay tuned!

Till next time,

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