Sunday, 21 May 2017

13 High-End Fashion Dupes?!

Hello everyone!
I am back with a new post, and this time it's a fashion post! So I have been obsessed with Shein lately, and I was browsing their website last night and I realised the amount of DUPES THE SHOP HAS! I'm talking from Stella McCartney to Chloe!!! So I thought I'd share a few high end fashion dupes that I found for anyone out there who is looking for cheaper options of high end products!

 1. Valentino
These classic Valentino rockstud flats can be found at Shein for £24!
You can find it here
2. Gucci Mules
You can find these embroidered Gucci mules here! 

3. Rihanna x Puma
Shein has these sneakers in many colours - you can find the same (ish) colour here! 
 4. Gucci Sneakers
Shein has a very similar pair of these Gucci sneakers here!

 5. Stella McCartney
These beautiful shoes have a very similar dupe here!
 6. Chloe
Shein has a VERY similar dupe for this Chloe bag here!
 7. Celine
This classic Celine bag - a dupe can be found here!
 8. Chanel backpack
Shein has a similar dupe in a dusty pink colour - can be found here!

9. Gucci Mules
I found a plain black dupe of the Gucci mules - click here to see the dupe! 

10. Fenty x Puma slides
Dupes can be found here!
11. Dior Sunglasses
These sunglasses can be found here! 
12. Chloe bag
This Chloe bag dupe can be found here!

13. Chanel Boy Bag
Find the dupe here!

Hope you liked this blogpost! Just a disclaimer - I do not own any of these images! I found them all on Pinterest and they belong to their rightful owners!

Thanks for reading!

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