Thursday, 24 August 2017


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I was kindly sent over 20 prints of my favourite photos by Cheerz, so I thought I'd write a quick review! I also have a discount code that I'll mention at the end.

Lets start with the process of ordering. It was very simple and quick. You can go on their official website - - and choose the type of print you want. They have your standard photo size, as well as small square prints or polaroid style prints! After choosing your style, you can connect to your Facebook, Instagram, iPhone Cheerz app or to your Google Drive in order to import the photos from there. This was much easier than me saving photos individually and uploading them onto the website as I don't keep many of my Instagram photos saved on my laptop! So I connected my Instagram account and transferred the photo to the website! I picked out 20 photos - I decided to use my travel photography, just so I can look at them on a cloudy day in London.

After choosing your photos, you get an overview of all the selected pictures and you can edit them individually if there's something you would like to change! After that, a quick and easy checkout process.

I received the photos in less than a week, and I was very impressed by how efficient their delivery was.

Now, onto the actual photos. The quality of the prints is amazing! They're high quality, and you can choose between glossy or matte prints! I chose the matte prints to see whether the quality would still be as good as the glossy ones (that I usually opt for) and it did not disappoint! I've had print issues before where the photos had been stretched out too much or looked too pixelated - so thank you Cheerz for such great quality prints!

Here are some photos I printed out!

Cheerz offer many more services that photo prints! They provide photo albums, magnets, boxes, wall decor, calendars and gifts! When you checkout, there are also add on options such as buying fairy lights to hang up with your photos! Something I will definitely buy next time! You can also use their easy to use app that can be installed through the App Store and Google Play.

So here are some discount codes that you can use on your very first Cheerz purchase:

With the code NM7DFC you can get 10% your purchase (minimum spend £20)

With the code SHWSHA you can get £4 of your first purchase (minimum spend £8)

Hope you like these photography posts!
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