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Hi everyone!

So today is a different kind of blogpost. I wanted to focus on some certain topics and my photography so I decided to collab with another blogger, Krupa. I met her a few days ago and can I just say how LOVELY and beautiful she is. Her personality shines and she is just amazing. She runs a blog called Bindipendent Woman, all about her life experiences and her life as a south asian girl. As a south asian girl, I love that she's supporting our community. So here's a little post that she's written for my blog & some photos I took of her!


Krupa Patel is the face behind Bindipendent woman and here is what she says about it; 

Okay so, Bindipendent Woman is my babes of a platform because it's the only thing that I can really say is my safe space at the moment. It's where I can convey my experiences and see my thoughts develop before me. 

So it all begun when I started seeing things about the Black Community and seeing the empowerment it birthed in them from learning about their history- allowing them to learn from it so that it wasn't something that could be used against them. I instantly felt jealous/envious of the fact that I've never felt that way and have never heard of anyone talking about an experience that I can relate to at first-hand. It gave me that much more inclination to make a platform to fill that gap. 

I am the first generation British Indian- my family originate from the state of Gujarat, migrated to Uganda for 25 years before they made their homes in London 30 years ago. All this history plus an identity crisis made Bindipendent Woman come to be! 

I believe that it's so important to do two things; understanding your history and being self aware. Something that I want to do with my blog is become vulnerable in my posts as I believe there is something so warm and welcoming about relating to something that isn't quite "common" to come by- to not feel alienated in our experiences thinking that no one else goes through it because you hardly hear anyone speaking about it. 

So, come and have a look at my blog posts and tell me what you all think! 

Until next time! Stay awake, stay alert, stay Bindipendent! 

Krupa x 

INSTAGRAM: @bindipendentwoman


Hope you liked this post & photos!

See you next week!

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