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Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I last posted & I hope you're all doing well! Today I have a fashion post (again) and today I will focus on how I would dress up everyday/casual clothes to make it more suitable for going out. As a student, I like to invest in more casual clothes that I can wear everyday, rather than fancy 'going out' outfits. However, this becomes a problem for me when I have to go out somewhere that requires me to look more dressed up.

One thing that really helps to change the look of an outfit are accessories. In this blogpost, I will emphasise more on how accessories (jewellery in particular) can help to make an outfit less casual, and more outgoing. If you know me personally, you'll know how much I LOVE ethnic and boho accessories. I'm a sucker for anything that brings in ethnic vibes to show off my Indian side more. I love the whole 'east meets west' trend by mix and matching different styles of clothing and accessories!

Styling up casual outfits is a lot easier than you think. It's crazy how much just a change of jewellery or lip colour can make an outfit look different. So for this post, I've experimented a few different ways to change the look of casual clothing.

So for this first look, I've put together casual dark blue skinny jeans with a light blue pinstriped shirt. An oversized shirt  tucked into high waisted jeans looks so elegant and effortless. This is something I would wear out for dinner, a bar or somewhere that requires me to look more dressed up! I've unbuttoned the shirt in order to show off the necklace more. I paired this outfit with a silver bohemian coin necklace which really helps to make this look stand out more! It really helped to tie in the look together. There are only two types of jeans that I like, either high waisted skinny jeans, or mom jeans. High waisted skinny jeans are so versatile and easy to style - and is a must in my wardrobe! In terms of my makeup, I kept my makeup natural with a nude lip. However, to make the look more 'going out' I would wear red lipstick which would really compliment the dark blue jeans - and also give the whole look a slight Parisian vibe. 

DETAILS // Shirt - Primark // Jeans - Pull & Bear // Necklace - gift from friend (similar ones on amazon) // Lips - Velvet Teddy MAC

This second look is a very laid back outfit, but with a few changes to the way you style the outfit, it appears less casual. I'm wearing an extremely oversized denim shirt with the same high waisted dark blue jeans as before. Denim on denim is quite a risky trend - some outfits turn out really well, but some just look terrible. I decided to use a mid blue denim shirt and dark blue jeans. I feel that having a medium blue shirt, rather than a really light blue one, helped to make the denim on denim look more suitable. Typically, I would wear the shirt without tucking it in, however to dress it up a bit more, I tied it up. Now, you could either tie it up and leave it as a knot, or what I sometimes like to do is tie the front with a hair tie and then tuck the knot in. When you have very oversized shirts, I feel that tucking it in or tying a knot looks really good and very effortless. I am much more for the oversized and baggy look, rather than fitted. To finish off the look, I styled a very ethnic choker, which looks a lot like a payal (anklet). I saw this at Peacocks and I HAD to get it! I can see myself styling this choker with so many more outfits. The ethnic silver necklace looks so good with the blue denim. If I was to keep my hair out, I would create slight boho waves. Lastly, for the makeup I changed my lip colour to a deeper red with hints of pink. 

DETAILS // Shirt - thrifted // Jeans - Pull & Bear // Necklace - Peacocks // Lips - Love Bug COLOURPOP

For this third look, I paired two casual pieces of clothing. The first is the ripped mom jeans, and then a paisley shirt. Mom jeans have to be one of my staple items in my cupboard, again because of how versatile it is. I tucked in this shirt and rolled up the sleeves to keep it looking effortless. I chose to style this shirt with light blue mom jeans rather than black jeans because it helps to make the outfit stand out more. Whatever the weather, mom jeans are always in style and can be worn throughout the year. If I was to wear dark jeans, I feel like it would mute the paisley pattern. However, with a lighter shade blue denim, the outfit altogether stands out a lot more. For jewellery, I chose this light gold necklace which is very ethnic - complimenting the paisley shirt. I changed up my lip colour to a dark brown. I feel like dark colours would really rock this outfit! 

DETAILS // Shirt - Boohoo // Jeans - Matalan // Necklace - Primark // Lips - Limbo COLOURPOP

This last outfit gives me serious Lemonade (Beyonce) vibes. The colour of this shirt is my favourite, and I paired it with light blue mom jeans to create a fun, summery look. Rather than tucking in the shirt, I chose to tie a knot to make it look more dressed up. To top it off, I wore this gold (with hints of brass) coin necklace. I feel like the gold/brassy necklace suited the mustard shirt SO well. This is a perfect summer outfit for going out somewhere nice.

DETAILS // Shirt - New Look // Necklace - Similar on amazon // Jeans - Matalan // Lips - Tansy COLOURPOP

I hope you liked this post! I really enjoy these fashion posts and I have many more planned that I will post soon! I've learnt that accessories really help to change the style of an outfit. Without the necklaces that I wore for this blogpost, the outcome of the outfits wouldn't have looked the same, and I really want to start accessorising more.

This is something I love about my blogging experience, I find so many new ways to improve myself, whether it be fashion or photography.

I'll be back with a photography post soon, till then, take care & thank you for reading!

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