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Hi lovelies!
Today I have another summer outfit post for you! So, one thing I see that has been on trend for a while now are pleated midi skirts. Personally, I am not a fan of skirts. I will always prefer shorts, trousers or jeans! I just feel more comfortable and free with them. However, the pleated skirt trend is something I had to try out, and I absolutely love it! In fact, the skirt that I will be showing was bought about more than a year ago, so it has been quite on trend for a while. But because it's officially summer now (it was the longest day of the year today!), I see SO many girls rocking these pleated midi skirts.

I like styling different outfits and trying out new trends, therefore I'm here to show you how I would style this skirt in three different ways. One is a more casual look, something you could wear down to the shops or for brunch somewhere cute. The second one is more vintage and something you can wear to bring in more colour to your outfit. The third one is more fancy, something to wear to a fancy restaurant or a chilled out bar.

Now, I'll stop rambling on and show you the three looks I have styled!

Keepin' It Casual

To make this super casual, I stuck to earthy tones by incorporating a white slouchy tee with a dusty pink tote bag. I feel like the khaki, white and pink go together so well. Then to add an extra accessory, I wore this brown suede fedora hat which I feel completed the look well. I personally go very minimal with jewellery when it comes to daytime, especially in these heat. I don't like to have a necklace or anything to cling on me when it's super hot outside. Therefore the hat was the perfect accessory - keeps the sun out of my face and completes the look.

TOP (Primark) // Pleated Skirt (Zara) // Bag (Ted Baker) // Hat (Primark)

Vintage Fever

This is probably my favourite style out of the three because of how vintage and comfortable it was! I styled the skirt with a dusty pink paisley silk blouse. I tied a knot in the front to make it look more messy and effortless. Sometimes I don't like to tuck in my blouses because it makes me feel a bit restricted. Also because this blouse is cropped, it untucks really quickly and because it's silky! The pattern and colour goes so well with the skirt and helps to bring some colour to my outfit. I usually opt for a black or white top, but this helps to make the outfit look more bold. If you know me personally, you know I'm a sucker for ANYTHING paisley! It's truly the pattern for summer, and really reminds me of Indian clothing. Again, I added in the brown hat because it really adds to the vintage feel! The suede khaki and suede brown really compliment each other.

Top (Apricot) // Skirt (Zara) // Hat (Primark)

Flare Out

The final look I have is this crop top/blouse with long flared sleeves. Now, let me just tell you how OBSESSED I am with the flared sleeves trend. It takes the world back to the 70s. The flared sleeves brings out the party in this outfit and makes it look more 'going-out' rather than casual. Black and khaki really compliment each other, and to top it off, I wore a gold coin boho necklace. I feel that gold/bronze tones would suit khaki rather than silver.  This would be a great look for a summer night out, to a fancy restaurant or to an event. Trรจs chic. 

Top (Missguided) // Skirt (Zara) // Necklace (Amazon)

I hope you liked this post! It was so fun to style and shoot, and thanks to Luxshe once again for being a great photographer! This was honestly so fun to style and want to make more posts like these where you have one statement piece, but styled in many different ways. It's crazy how one change of clothing can change up the outfit so much. You can go from formal to casual to super 'going-out'. That's what I love about fashion, it's experimental and so versatile that you can change it to suit your own personal look and preference.

Thanks for reading :-)

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  1. You look really nice in all three of them. Nice post.

  2. I love these kind of posts too! Personally, I love pleated skirts and I like the 3 ways you paired them :) x

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