Thursday, 1 June 2017


Hey guys!
So I'm back home from university and I've officially moved back home for the summer! I was going through my makeup yesterday and I hadn't realised the amount of colourpop stuff that I have. For some of you, this might not look like a lot of makeup products, but as colourpop isn't available on websites from the UK, I tend to wait for colourpop to either have free delivery internationally, or wait for really good offers! Colourpop, in my opinion, have some really good offers online. For example they usually have a lot of freebies they give away when you spend a certain amount, which I think is so good because their products are amazing.

I heard about colourpop through YouTube as many beauty gurus were colloborating with them. For instance, Jenn Im and Kathleen Lights. Colourpop in general blew up all over instagram. How can it not? It's super affordable and great quality.
So I thought I'd do a small collective haul of all the products that I've purchased from the website.

Lippie Pencil - BUMBLE - this is a very creamy and beautiful pink lip pencil.  
I'm very much into my browns/reds rather than pinks! I feel that it suits me a lot better! Tansy is a liquid satin lipstick and I really like the finish and formula of the satin liquid lipsticks! The matte ones could be a bit dry and fill in the lines of your lips, however if you apply lip balm before it really helps!
TANSY, LIMBO - browns
MAMA - orangey red

So this is the lippie stix in the shade TAURUS. This is hands down my favourite product from colourpop! I would go back and buy more of  the lippie stix in different colours! I feel like I need to restock in this shade because it's really good for everyday! This is more of a brown shade, but not too dark like LIMBO. It's super moisturising and looks very natural!
This is a creme gel liner in the shade OVERBOARD which is a brown shimmery (bronze) gel liner. This is honestly so good and once you put it on, it doesn't budge!! It's super long lasting!
These are the super shock eyeshadows. They're all browns/golds/orange shades because it's what I personally go for when I'm in the mood for some eyeshadow!
TO-A-T is such a beautiful and natural brown colour, perfect for everyday.
$5 each
Highlighter - DO NOT DISTURB - bronze. Sadly not the right colour for my skin tone, but would be perfect for darker skin!

I have slightly tanned Indian skin, therefore I feel like browns and bronze-y colours suit me more. Especially with eyeshadows, it really helps to bring out my eye colour and make them pop! For lips, I rarely use pink shades because I'm really not into pink lips. However, anything brown/red is my thing! TAURUS is something I would recommend to anyone looking for a good brown lipstick! It's honestly so good and can be worn for daytime and nighttime!

I'm quite wary when it comes to buying makeup online because I don't want anything that's too light for my skin colour. Sometimes the product looks different online, so I always watch YouTube videos or go on pinterest for some swatches on Indian people! I also hardly go for nudes - the most nude I have is Velvet Teddy by MAC. 

Colourpop is such a good and fun brand! Their website makes me want to buy everything, am I the only one?
I hope you liked this post! See you next time 😉

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  1. I've been looking for a good brown lipstick, so I might check that out! I find it really hard to pull off nude lipsticks too, so I was looking at some brown-nudes, but like you said its hard to tell if they'll suit you until you try them on! :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  2. I love the red/orange colour family you stuck too, everything looks so pretty but I hate the bulky packaging of their shadows, their Lippie Stix are my favourite thing to put on my lips though. Gorgeous post! Have a brilliant weekend and thank you for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Blog Sale


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